2010 Events @ MPP School, Pentapadu, Nellore District

With the help of all your support, we have organized series of events this year. Please find the attached news about the events. Thanks again for all your support.


AKSHARA is founded by several like-minded people in the year 2003 to serve the School Children in remote villages of India. This has been a registered organization since November 2008. As an Organization we involve in identifying the schools which are remotely located to the main City/Town centers and don't have any facilities/Infrastructure for their activities. At different phases, we visit those identified schools and establish a relationship with the identified schools. Once we are comfortable with the Staff and the Villagers, we try to provide those students with Uniforms, Lunch Plates, and other Schooling Aids for a better schooling.

After this process, based on the performance of the students, teacher's feedback and their parents’ financial status, we will try to support those students for their Higher Education. With our Volunteers, we keep monitoring the schools and those students selected for this.

Wherever necessary, we at Akshara Supporters who are well educated and in good positions, will give a good career guidance and try to help those students select the right career path for their life.

VISION: "Our Vision is to have a well established schooling Infrastructure in each and every village of India which helps children to shape their career".

GOAL: "Akhsara has set up a goal to achieve its vision by providing educational aid for at least two schools every year".

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